Sex on a Canvas Review

Finally…the hype of Valentine’s Day is over! I hope everyone was able to enjoy themselves, whether it was staying in to avoid the chaos or deciding to have a traditional romantic restaurant dinner; though when it comes to these kinds of things, I’m always looking for something out of the ordinary to do. So this past Valentine’s Day, after being swept off my feet with an early morning rose delivery and an unforgettable dinner at Da Marco from my boyfriend, I decided to surprise him with a Love is Art Couple’s Paint Kit that lets you paint each other and transfer it onto a canvas to create an original work of art.

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On the website, there are a variety of paint colors and canvases you can choose from starting at $60. You can choose up to four colors in a kit, and if you don’t like the color combinations available, there’s an option to customize what colors come in your kit. There are black and white canvases, along with special edition canvases too. I chose the Cosmos Edition Palette #6 ($79), which comes with a black canvas and blue, teal, purple, and white paint. It says the canvas is “screen printed with stars,” but that shit just looks like tiny white paint splatters.

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Shipping is fast, and it’s delivered to you in a 25in x 3in tube. Along with the

  • 3.5ft x 4.5ft cotton canvas and
  • four 4oz all-natural and non-toxic (vagina-safe) paint bottles, it also comes with a
  • 10ft x 12ft plastic drop to protect surfaces from paint
  • two pairs of disposable slippers (surgical shoe covers),
  • a loofah, and
  • instructions

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We spread out the plastic drop and placed the canvas on top, then shook the paint bottles over the canvas and us to create drops and splatters. A tip is to warm the paint up (I let it sit in front of a space heater) beforehand.  And from here, I don’t have to give you the play-by-play of what happens next…

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This was our end product, and I’m in love with it! If you want to hang it (it’ll be a great story to tell if your guests asks where you got it from.), you’ll have to order their stretcher bar set separately for $36 or you can go to a craft store and have it done there. Their stretcher bar set comes with two 48in and two 36in bars so that means about 3in on each side of your canvas will be not be showing (something to consider when painting). The website also offers a simple online video tutorial to set it up.

The only negative part about this kit is showering off the paint. It was a bitch, and I was still tinged with enough blue the next couple days for my boyfriend to sing “I’m Blue” each time he saw me. Other than that, we had a lot of fun, and I think it would make for a playful and unconventionl date night activity.

Sex on a Canvas Review

Online Flower Delivery Services

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I don’t think there’s anything more capitalized on this day than flowers. No matter what any girl says about her preference towards flowers, she WILL appreciate the gesture of having flowers delivered to her (bonus points if she receives it in front of other females). Here, I’ve compiled a list of online flower delivery services whose aesthetic can be deemed “Instagram-worthy” and is beyond the norm of 1-800-Flowers and also can be delivered nationwide/to Houston:


At The Bouqs, you can choose from 1.) their Farm to Table option where flowers are cut the day you order and shipped from one of their farm partners, preserving the flowers’ freshness, 2.) their Artisan Florist option where you are supporting local florists, or 3.) their Subscriptions option where you can have flowers delivered on a schedule throughout the year.


Bloom That offers a curated selection from partners around the world to deliver what’s in season. Gift baskets are also available to add to your bouquets to up the “aww” factor.


Teleflora sends their orders to local florists to arrange instead of having pre-packaged flowers delivered in boxes that could damage or dehydrate the flowers. They also have an overwhelming selection of flowers to choose from for your main girl, your side girl…


Farmgirl Flowers is limited in their selection because they only offer daily bouquets, but that means they don’t create waste…perfect for the environmentally-conscious.


I’ve been obsessed with the Parisian flowers-in-a-hat-box-design ever since I saw them a couple years ago on Tumblr, and I’m quite disappointed there isn’t a florist in Houston who does this by now. On top of that, many of the shops that are on top of this trend don’t offer delivery to Houston, except Fleurs Prive, Venus et Fleur, and The Million Roses, that I’ve found at least. Even then, Venus et Fleur only delivers the square box option and all three only deliver their preserved roses. This is definitely on the more expensive side, but it’ll be worth your money because these roses last up to a year.


Roseshire’s roses are also delivered in a box, but doesn’t have the Parisian flair as the previously mentioned. The packaging is still very elegant and the roses are arranged in a way that satisfies my OCD-like tendencies. Each rose also comes with its own capsule of water to ensure its quality.

If you know of any other online flower delivery services that deliver to Houston that should be on here and I missed, please let me know!


Online Flower Delivery Services